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I Like You, I Like Me, Too
has been short listed for the Saskatchewan
Publishers Book Award
nominations in the Education category. (2008)

Saskatchewan Book Awards site

Marcia presented "I Like You, I Like You, Too" at the Tribal Four Teacher's Conference in Regina April 8, 2009. It was well received and works well with the Restitution Program. It is currently being used at Ochapawace First Nations in the Head Start Program.

The William Glasser Conference

The William Glasser Conference was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, July 16th to 19th this year. The keynotes included Dr. William Glasser, Carleen Glasser, and Dr. Gary Forrest. a renowned child psychologist.
Presentations by international presenters including Robert Wubbolding and Jean Suffield included "Creating and Maintaining Quality Schools, Applying Quality School Concepts at Grand Traverse Academy, Murray High School's Success Story (The First Glasser Quality Public High Schools)-- How Glasser Quality Schools Help Students Overcome Apathy and Soar To Success, the establishment of the William Glasser Fund for Public Mental Health at Loyola Marymount University. Other topics included:
Choose Wisely, Success in Correctional Substance Abuse Treatment, Change--
Where to Begin. It was a very good convention.

Marcia Frid and Nancy Herrick presented "I Like You, I Like Me, Too" and the Magic Choice Carpet. In their 90 minute session the participants learned Choice Theory in a kinesthetic approach-- coloring a song, playing Words Can Hurt and Words Can Heal, participating in the Words of Encouragement activity and walking their goals on the Magic Choice Carpet.

Everyone enjoyed the activities and concepts. It was an activity-packed and fun session.

Marcia Frid and Nancy Herrick & participants at WGI Conference 2008-08-08:
A Teacher/Parent Guide
to help children aged 6-10 develop self-esteem based on Choice Theory®