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"I Like You, I Like Me, Too" is an engaging, effective, easy to use, cross-curriculum, creative, fun-filled program with the potential to make life-changing behavior patterns at a very early age.

I Like You, I Like Me, Too and the Magic Choice Carpet were presented by Marcia Frid and Nancy Herrick at the William Glasser International conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado in July 2008.

This program is a 200 page teacher/parent curriculum used by teachers, parents, counsellors, psychologists, and also as a Programming Guide for Library Staff to work with children's programming. It contains over 133 poems, activities color illustrations, and lesson plans to be used at school and at home. It is intended for children grades 1-5 and overlaps several areas of the curriculum: Health, Social Science, Language Arts, Art, Music and Physical Education. It can be adapted to use in kindergarten and grades 6-8

The Magic Choice Carpet Lesson plans include lessons on self-esteem, assertiveness, peer pressure, self-knowledge, personal identity, and relationships with friends, family and the community. The program also provides skill development for character building, health self-concept, conflict resolution, resiliency and behaviors to counter bullying

The program has has two components which can be used independently or together:

(1) I Like You, I Like Me, Too includes the poems, activities, journaling, and physical movement, and morale boosters to build self-esteem , to understand behavior and to help the children express themselves in encouraging ways.

2) Magic Choice Lesson Plans which includes easy to use lesson plans to teach the internal motivational concepts of Choice Theory on the Magic Choice Carpet and Reproducibles that can be used to create the Magic Choice Carpet Student Journal. It includes a list of the activities from "I Like You, I Like Me, Too" that help make the Carpet and the Lessons come alive. Script is included.

Children learn how to make positive choices to get what they want in productive ways and build relationships. They learn how to meet their needs, set goals, and self- evaluate to see if what they are doing is working for them.

"Thank you for showing us your magic carpet. I like the star the best. It makes me feel good about me."

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Jean Seville Suffield's Endorsement:

 “Creativity! Energy! Laughter! Fun! These attributes permeate the works of Marcia Frid....I highly recommend Marcia’s work to any school district or organization. It is a direct application of the research on how the brain learns best....Any school district can only benefi t by using I Like You, I Like Me, Too! as an integral part of programs to enhance self-esteem, to develop critical thinking skills, and to build and maintain [the] connections so necessary for a happy and successful life. It is one of the best resources I have seen in anti-bullying because it assists youngsters in self-evaluating their own behaviour and effecting change in themselves and in their relationship with others. I Like You, I Like Me, Too! ... fills us with awe and wonder and engages our senses to find sense, meaning joy and laughter in a serious world.”

Jean Seville Suffield
Senior Faculty Member, William Glasser Institute
Former Superintendent of schools
Author of Conflict Resolution, Action...take 1 and Visionary Leadership

A Teacher/Parent Guide
to help children aged 6-10 develop self-esteem based on Choice Theory®