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Fruit on the vine
There is nothing more rewarding than picking the fruit from the vine in harvest. Remember your accomplishments and let them inspire your next ambition.
Open tomorrow with hope
Visualize what you would like to have and then see
your relationships the way you would like to have them.
And take action to bring your dreams to you.
Your life will change
when you restore your spirit with joy and remember
the simple things that once made you happy.
Let Your Light Shine Through
Let your light shine through with gentleness, compassion, goodness and patience, and self-control.
Be Bold in Your Passion
Embrace your dreams with the boldest of colors and enjoy the depths of your imagination.
Listen to the River
As the water pours down the rocks amongst the flowers and trees listen to the water hitting the shores. Are you creating beauty on your journey through life, making a joyful sound wherever you go?
Let your spirit Dance
Let your spirit dance as if you were capable of floating in the clouds like an angel with the sun smiling on your wings.
River of Life
We cannot control the water running down the stream but we can feel it's strength and marvel at the power and glory.
Live With Passion
Every moment is a memorable moment. Consider the fire inside you to be part of something wonderful and hold on
to it for dear life.
A Teacher/Parent Guide
to help children aged 6-10 develop self-esteem based on Choice Theory®