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Marcia Frid B.A., R.T.C.

Marcia Frid grew up in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan as a "Daughter of the Prairie". She obtained her B.A. in Regina and has lived there since then. She is a writer, children's author, artist, pianist, an employment counselor and Basic Practicum Supervisor with the William Glasser Institute. She presented “I Like You, I Like Me, Too” and the Magic Choice Carpet with Nancy Herrick at the Williams Glasser International Conference at Colorado Springs in 2008.

Marcia has presented "I Like You, I Like Me, Too" and the Magic Choice Carpet to elementary students with extraordinary results, teaching Choice Theory® and helping children learn to make effective choices and enhance their self-esteem. Combining her talents as a writer, poet, artist, musician, and counsellor, these materials present Choice Theory in an engaging and cognitive stimulating program that crosses six areas of the curriculum. She has also included "When I Grow up", her environmental song she composed and wrote encouraging youth to protect the environment.

She has also published four books in the "Bumpy, The Bad Little Bear" series in the early eighties. She has been working with the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for over twenty years reading, teaching with her puppets and teaching art. She has published her poetry in various literary publications, as well as having her work read over CBC radio and performed at Globe Theatre's "On the Line: A Freefall Through New York" in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Marcia has also participated in the Mackenzie Art Gallery Art In Bloom interpreting art from the permanent collection and won People's Choice Awards.

In 1993 she discovered a workshop given by Maxine Masterfield and her passion for color and spontaneity took an exciting direction in a meditative process combining music, poetry and nature. She often uses leaves in her art from Saskatchewan gardens. She was chosen by Signature Graphics as one of the thirty best artists in Saskatchewan in 1997. She has had two solo shows, "Crescendo One" and "Crescendo Two". She is a member of the Regina Federation of Artists. Her work is available through Collector's Choice Gallery in Saskatoon.

The Regina Free Press wrote about her show:

"The paintings are explosively bright, and filled with vibrant and brilliant colors. And indeed there seems to be an almost lyrical quality about the paintings. There's a sense of motion about them, a peculiar liveliness and light. There's a feeling also of freedom and spontaneity
about them, and that's another reason Frid likes ink."

Marcia is truly a prairie person. She says, "Once you have a sunrise in your heart, no one can take it away."

Other books written by Ms. Frid:

Bumpy, The Bad Little Bear, At the Petshop
- $5.00

Bumpy, The Bad Little Bear, Meets Candy - $5.00

Bumpy, The Bad Little Bear, Goes Fishing - $5.00

Bumpy, The Bad Little Bear At the Fair - $5.00

Bumpy the Bad Little Bear Poster - $5.00

Environmental Song:

"When I Grow Up"
Words and Music written by Marcia Frid Arrangement by Calvin Machmer

Composed for the following events:
Environmental Awareness Week -
September 16 - 22
Choices 90 September 19 - 21
Environex 90 September 18 -20

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"The stories are nice, kids like it and they have a moral. Illustrations are big, bright, full color and not too cluttered up with detail ---just like the kids want it. The book is a totally Canadian publication - but with the universal appeal - any child would enjoy it. In all the books, Bumpy The Bad Little Bear, is the main character and has many interesting experiences with his two friends Teddy and Candy. All three of these warm, fun loving little characters relate to the preschooler and entertain in a positive way. Bumpy always gets involved in some kind of trouble and always has the ability to make up and correct the "bad things he does with the kindness and help from his friends and people around him. The Lesson: One can always make restitution for a mistake if one wants to."

- Globe and Mail, 1983

A Teacher/Parent Guide
to help children aged 6-10 develop self-esteem based on Choice Theory®