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from professionals who reviewed I Like You, I Like Me, Too!

“A welcome addition to any primary curriculum, I Like Me, I Like you, Too!, provides a multitude of options for incorporating art, music, kinesthetic, and character education activities into the classroom. Making the Magic Choice Carpet for Marcia’s program has been a joy. I have had the opportunity to use the carpet with children and watch their eyes light up with excitement. The Magic Choice Carpet is a creative tool for enriching the children’s understanding of their behaviors. Learning connecting habits and social adaptation skills at this young age will be invaluable as it will give them the skills to build healthy relationships over their lifetimes.”

Nancy D. Herrick, M. Ed. NCC

Glasser Quality School Counselor and Consultant

“This resource certainly will serve [as a] strong foundation for anti-bullying education. Truly, the author’s personal experience as a child [who was teased] has guided her passion to create this invaluable classroom resource. Given her wealth of experience in Arts Education, together with her gift as a writer, we would strongly recommend this resource...”

Christina Johns
Learning Through The Arts, Facilitator

“I’m excited to see the wide range of career/life building concepts that you offer for young children. Selfawareness and esteem are woven throughout your writing....Through effective blending of engaging poetry and beautiful artwork, you’ve set the stage for children to interact, to learn about themselves and begin to understand just how much they have to offer the world.“

Judy Behrns
Career Development Consultant, Regina Public Schools

“What Marcia Frid has done in her work, I Like You, I Like Me, Too! is to guide a child and his/her teacher or parent through carefully crafted exercises that allow the child to discover who they are, to assess their values and strengths, and to understand other, unattractive emotions and behaviours that may occasionally get the better of them. Throughout the book is a generous supply of positive affi rmations designed to extend permission to the child to feel good about him/herself. I Like You, I Like Me, Too! is an evolving discovery process, an experience that invites the child to let loose their imagination and, while doing so, sets the foundation for lifelong tools of building self-esteem, goal setting and understanding and respecting others.“

Heather Gray
Workplace Violence and Threat Assessment Specialist, Dynamic Consulting

“Students were excited and motivated to participate in the lessons and strategies presented by Ms. Frid, which... included the topics of decision-making and friendships. They developed a more positive attitude towards their own capabilities and their disposition towards their peers...this resource is most benefi cial in supporting and complementing units of study in health education about self-esteem and social relationships...”

M. Aiginiitis
Grade 3 Teacher, Marion McVeety School

“I’m pleased to support this guidebook which brings together the importance of music and anti-bullying and self-esteem awareness.”

Victor Sawa
Music Director and Conductor of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and Regina Symphony Orchestra

I Like You, I Like Me, Too! is an innovative way to help students come to the realization that they are the author of their own choices. Through activities, poetry and discussions, the children are led to the understanding that they are each one special and yet different. They are also led to believe that they can have control over the way they feel, think and act.“

Beverly Zimmerman
Douglas Park School

“The materials were easy to use. This resource touches many areas of the school curriculum and would be an excellent resource for all teachers to have.”

Bonnie Stuart
Teacher, Ecole Massey School

“This is so powerful. This could be used by psychiatrists.”

Dr. Vicki Holmes
M. D., Saskatchewan Family Physician of the Year, 2003

“What an absolutely delightful work! [Ms. Frid’s] book captures the essence of self-esteem—explains without burdening and magically frees the spirit! I Like You, I Like Me, Too! will be a powerful classroom tool for teachers and a great support for parents and children...”

Pat Thompson
B.Ed. M.Ed., Saskatchewan Literacy Network

“I Like You, I Like Me, Too! ... contributes to nurturing the social, emotional and ethical development of the child. The various activities help to sensitize children to the effects of bullying, intolerance and disrespect while providing the power and desire to create changes in their homes, schools and communities by increasing levels of self-esteem and self-worth. The various activities are creative, enjoyable and have been formulated based on a level of concentration that brings children together and allows for personal and group reflection. Frid’s I Like You, I Like Me, Too! [reinforces] through inspirational poetry and related activities that when children feel good about themselves they can make a difference in their homes, their schools and their communities. By utilizing [Frid’s work]...we hope to create a respectful, safe environment for all children by exploring strategies which we hope will assist them to resolve conflict and disagreements in a respectful, creative and non-violent manner. As old habits are replaced with more respectful ones the children will begin to feel good about themselves. Socially responsible children develop into socially responsible citizens.“

Eileen Curtis
School Administrator, Temple Shalom Religious School

“Dealing with Winners and Bullies—the material covered is very appropriate given the current focus on bullying... and “winners” does not necessarily mean being at the top every time, but emphasizes the “doing one’s best,” which I feel is much healthier...more weight should be given to that throughout our lives.”

Jacqui F.C. Shumiatcher
Saskatchewan Order of Merit, LL.D.

“The students were enthusiastic and immersed in the concepts. Through review done after the sessions finished, I noted retention of the concepts and a lively discussion of how [the students] felt.”

Sandra Soutar
Teacher, Glen Elm School

“As an educator, trainer and clinician with over 20 years of professional experience addressing child abuse and bullying, I welcome creative initiatives in helping create safety for children and youth....Ms. Frid has written a workbook that is colourful, gentle, engaging, playful and challenging, all the while addressing the issues of bullying and abuse seriously.“

Bruce M. Wood
Project Coordinator, RespectED for Sport, Culture and Recreation Project in Saskatchewan

I Like You, I Like Me, Too!...is quite comprehensive....The children enjoyed using the poems as a beginning point for class discussions. By using this format once or twice a week, the students became accustomed to interacting in a personal way. All children are anxious to share their experiences and hear about others—to put their own lives into a bigger context. The bullying aspect of this resource is particularly important—to the students and to the parents. Being yourself, recognizing a bully, being in control—a part of the solution, facing your mistakes—these are all concepts that I believe in and teach every year.“

Lynda Patterson

Grade 3 and 4 Teacher, Ecole Connaught Community School


from Grades 2 and 3 students (Regina, SK. Canada) who were asked:
What did you learn from I Like You, I Like Me, Too?

“I learned to like other people and to like yourself. I learned how to color a song. Thank you for doing The Magic Carpet. I felt good and I was happy. I felt like I was at the beach suntanning. I like the magic carpet lots.”

Grade 2 student

“We learned what body talk, doing and thinking means. Well, body talk means what your body is saying to you. And doing means what you have decided to do. And feeling means what you feel when you are doing it. And thinking means what you are thinking when you are doing it. So, the End. The Magic Carpet — I felt like I was in another place I was just floating up into the air like magic. The Magic Carpet — I thought the carpet was moving and I was all done and the carpet gave me a beautiful inspiration.”

Grade 3 student

“I learned to color a song! And to always like yourself! And to like others! When I colored my song it made me feel happy. That night I had all happiness in my head because all the other nights I am scared to death. And I loved The Magic Carpet.”

Grade 3 student

“I learned to be nice to people. I learned to like yourself. I learned to reach your goals. About ‘Colour a Song’ I felt very happy and awesome and extremely cool. For The Magic Carpet I thought it was nice and wonderful. I never had bad dreams any more, and I didn’t make bad choices any more and I really, really, really liked it. I felt happiness, and made me feel nice inside me and I had lots of things that I shared with my sister.”

Grade 3 student

“The shapes can be meaning lots of things. I learned a lot yesterday. It was fun and good. I felt normal about it. Then I felt a little sad about coloring a song. I thought The Magic Carpet is cool.”

Grade 3 student

“I learned about body talk and I learned about friendship. I learned about feelings, I felt good. I felt normal. I felt wonderful. I felt really special. I felt nice and happy, really happy. I had pictures of me being happy and lots of flowers.”

Grade 2 student

“I learn that cars are awesome! And to have fun. And enjoy what you are doing! ‘Color a Song’ made me feel good. The Magic Carpet was cool! I thought it was fun.”

Grade 3 student

“I learned to believe in yourself. And freedom is important and inner power is important too! I felt really happy and loved and I liked The Magic Carpet. It was very very nice. I like You. Good bye.”

Grade 2 student

“I learned how to make myself always happy. And to make a plan and to be a better person. The color a song made me feel happy, free and wonderful. I had pictures of an eagle, hawk and vulture. Your magic carpet was great!”

Grade 3 student

“I learned to be nice and not to hurt others. I learned not to call people names.”

Grade 2 student

“Thank you for coming. When you brought the magic carpet. When you talked about it you made me realize that I belong in a family and you made me realize that every body in the whole wide world needs a friend.“

Grade 2 student

A Teacher/Parent Guide
to help children aged 6-10 develop self-esteem based on Choice Theory®